The Crying Wolf

We butcher and grind our beef in-house.
all of our sauces are made in-house.
eat it all. food is fun.
Eat, drink, be stoked.


The Crying Wolf is a bar. We opened in late 2013, and are planning on being your favorite bar until the end of time. which could be tomorrow! So hurry in. We just want to make you happy and make you a drink while you make a friend.

We also make amazing burgers. Our chef butchers and grinds the meat in house. Nothing but the best for you guys! They are the perfect weapon.

So come on in! Make some memories your friends won’t let you forget.

Eat. Drink. Be stoked. Don’t forget to party. Seriously guys. Have fun.


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-what the say about us -

"Friends  recommended Ferranos's Restaurant, so we drove down one evening for dinner. We can't say enough good things about our experience. The food was delicious, and the price was outstanding. Now we recommend the restaurant to our friends and family.

"Dave and Shelly”

"We've been to Joey's many times over the years. We know what
to expect: great food and great prices. I suggest checking them out.

"Joe V.”

Our secret touch

-the Secret of spices -

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atmalogy: [aht-mah-luh-jee] the study of one's true self

-Libations to Inspire-

823 Woodland St. Nashville TN, 37206

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12pm – 3am
Every Day

Happy Hour
2pm – 7pm
Sunday – Thursday

12pm – 10pm
All Day