“The Cool”

is an upcoming artist with an infectious and unique sound. Born on January 31st, 1993, The Cool is just 22 years old, and already becoming one of the go-to hook artists in the Pittsburgh urban scene.

The oldest of 7 children, The Cool learned the importance of responsibility at an early age. Despite the harsh realities of the environment of of Pittsburgh’s inner city, The Cool never allowed the negativity to consume him, looking toward music as a creative escape. Shortly after graduation, The Cool began managing his close friend and fellow CAPA alum, r&b singer Jamore, executive producing his “Love Letters To Her Project”. While working on this project, The Cool began to polish his writing and engineering skills, linking with producer Josh Everette, who would become one of his most influential mentors.

With a familiar yet unique, melodic, and lyrical sound, The Cool blurs the lines between Rap and R&B. Catchy hooks and melodies, on smooth instrumentals that still have a trap feel, The Cool creates music that people want to vibe to. Working out of ID East recording studio in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood, The Cool has collaborated with several local artists, providing catchy hooks and tight melodies. With his upcoming mixtape “Cool Runnings”, The Cool plans to take the urban scene by storm.