Soulstice Reb'L is a band with a positive vibe, mission and down-to-earth manner. They encompass the knowledge of working class American life with the ability to communicate lyrics with real connection and emotional confidence. They've worked alongside many inspiring artists from coast to coast and performed "Musical Gumbo"  for thousands of people from all ages and walks of life. They transfer an energy into people that makes them feel good, sad, happy and determined. Music to them is what air is to us. They believe that putting their music out will help those in any situation to overcome hardships, embrace the great times and experience New ones. Life is to be celebrated no matter the circumstance. Be it at your highest or lowest point in Life...The significance of a true Solstice elemental movement. Expect the unexpected.

Soulstice Reb'L are the talented band of singers/songwriters, poets, instrumentalists and composers from the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia. They have a truly outstanding sound of their own and a genre they call "Musical Gumbo". Creating music that will leave listeners craving more. Their raw funky/electric/Soulful-unexpected feel embraces all likes of Sound!


Richard Love aka Testimony- mc, guitar, drummer, singer 
Maria Rosado- singer 
Bryan Montoya aka Montoya- guitar, singer
Justin Reed aka Cap'n Jay- Drummer, guitar, singer 
Kyle Waters- Bass player

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