A brief bio

Sora is a budding musician that hopes to be able to reach out to the world, as well as find his place in it, through music. From a very young age, he's been immersed in music, from singing in choirs and musicals to studying classical piano for nine years. Although sora has been able to express his emotions through the creations of other artists, he has decided that it's time to express himself through his own music. He hopes that others will be able to relate to his feelings and be brought together through the expression of similar emotions. His debut single, Hello, November, was released April 3rd, 2012. His follow-uip single, Gone (Apologies), was released May 30th, 2012. His latest single, 11:11, was released April 23rd, 2013. He also has contributed to the Songwriters Anonymous mix CDs.

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