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Stuart Magazine 2010

The best pizza of Martin & St. Lucie counties, Stuart Magazine 2010.


Florida's best pizza? An article from the commentary section of the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers Reading Diner Board from June 4th, 2010.


" This was positively the most delicious pizza I have eaten in Florida and as good as the best in the windy city! "

" As we exited and saw the courthouse across the street, we left absolutely convinced that Pusateri's really is the best pizza in town. Case closed. "

Pizza Wars

By Kathy Rendino | November 3, 2006 04:57 AM
"Im from Chicago. I was in Florida this summer and tried Pusateri's in Stuart. It was better than most Chicago pizzas! I wish they had mail order! Try it..Forget New York! Pam & John make the difference too. Friendly, Clean and excellent pizza. This could win an award!!"


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"My first visit I asked for several ingredients, plus very crisp crust, not a lot of sauce and light cheese - it was perfect. They have given the pizza my name and whenever I go in they know exactly what I want. It is always delicious - I wouldn't eat pizza anywhere else."
- Marcy

"John and I lived one block away from each other in the Chicago area. I drive all the way from Wellington to Stuart to have "real" pizza. There is NO pizza in Florida that can even come close to Pusateri's. "
- Renata Spadafora

"Thank GOD there is a place in Florida just like Chicago. I had pizza that was out of this world. Reminded me of growing up in Chicago. Thanks for bringing home back to me. "
- Paul

"The best pizza that ever existed!! Quick and pleasant service! Consistent taste of the pizza!"
- Litasha Marie Davis

"I grew up in Chicago and now have lived in Florida for 28 yrs and I have finally found pizza like the pizza I grew up with for 20+ years. They are by far the best pizza in Florida!"
- Lori

"Not only is the pizza the best in Martin, St. Lucie or Palm Beach counties, the atmosphere and their staff are awesome. It gives you the warmth of that hometown feeling. There are a group of six of us that whenever we go out for pizza it's definitely at Pusateri's. "
- Lisa Berry

"We drive 1200 miles to visit family and eat at Pusateri's! Always a stop when in Stuart."
- Ed

"Their Pizza is THE BEST! and the Owners are wonderful people. They sponsored our Baseball Team - GO JENSEN BEACH YANKEES! "
- Marissa Foxwell

"Heard about this pizza while on vacation in West Palm Beach. I live in Chicago, so I had to see if they really pulled it off. Guess what - its better than ours!! I wish they had mail order! Great Pizza, Pam & John are tops. A winning "Combo"!! "
- Kathy Rendino

"A former Chicagoan, I drive across the state from Tampa to get the Best Chicago pizza in the State."
- Ray Rossi

in loving memory
John Joseph Pusateri "Johnny P"

John Pusateri was taken from us in a tragic accident on the morning of 9/12/13 at the much too young age of 50. He was a very creative person whose gifted talents will be missed by all who loved him.

 John was very proud of Pusateri's Pizza. We are equally proud of his accomplishments and as residents of both Jensen Beach and Chicago, we can tell you that we wish we had a pizza place as good as Pusateri's Pizza near us in Chicago.  John Pusateri accomplished Chicago Pizza perfection!!! 

We hope that John's creativity will live on through every pizza and sandwich served; that Pusateri's Pizza, where he and Pam worked to provide for their family (especially for their children, Tara and Chris) and give the residents of Stuart Florida a truly wonderful pizza, will live on long into the future. We hope each family that visits Pusateri's Pizza can truly understand and appreciate the pride John had in this creation and the importance he placed on his entire family. He would have wanted it that way.

The restaurant, delicious pizza and sandwiches, is his gift to all of us!   Until we see you again, loving father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend to many.
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(DAD) Samuel August Pusateri - 1/23/1933 to 7/13/1983
"Gramps" Samuel Pusateri - 10/25/1904 to 4/8/1985
"Grams" Josephine Pusateri - 3/15/1915 to 1/4/1990
Richard Simak - 3/22/30 to 3/30/01

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