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Mecha Mecha are a neo-classical alt-rock band, Nimbin boys, now based in Brisbane. 

Brothers Angelo Webb (Drums) and Walter Webb (various instruments and singer) perform high-energy, melodic rock tunes accompanied by the harmonies, violin and bass playing of Isaac Vincent, optimising their live shows to pack a punch and dance floors. Often sporting a traditional three piece rock line-up spawning music influenced by big name 90s acts such as Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Tool, or harmoniously incorporating violin or keys to allow for a greater sonic variety, Mecha Mecha relishes in the power of heavy-hitting, blues-inspired grooves. 

Their chord progressions and melody lines reflect both brother's childhood exposure to traditional Hungarian folk and gypsy music. The band strives to deliver a dynamic and exciting performance featuring tasteful displays of virtuosity, accompanied by the moving, vocal elasticity of Walt's singing accompanied by Isaac's violin lines.

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