Being located two miles from historic Annapolis affords Meadow Gardens B&B the convenience of close proximity without the hassles of parking or city noise. Surrounded by 6.5 acres of yard, gardens and woods, Meadow Gardens is a sanctuary of peacefulness. A country flower garden, a private Zen garden, fruit trees, herbs and vegetable garden complete the scenery. 100 yard walk to a private deep water cove on Howard's Cove (11 feet of water off end of dock) allows boaters to moor for the night ashore or guests to enjoy the water front via use of the B&B's 2 kayaks or 2 canoes. Pack a bathing suit so you'll be able to enjoy a swim in the creek on a warm summer's day.

about the owner

Wendy Mays, a native Annapolitan, has lived in the town for many years. An artist and illustration representative, Wendy works out of her home office. Maggie and Tybee, her two dogs, love to greet guests. Quilting is her new love, and Tybee likes to help out.


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