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Saving Homeowners One Renovation at a Time!

Homeowners, As you embark upon the sometimes dark and scary world of hiring a Handyman, evil lurks behind every corner. How are you to navigate this menacing underbelly, and find truth, quality, and exceptional value? Not to fear, for you have discovered THE HOME HERO.

WE make you happy.

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WE love design.

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Super services

what we can do for you.

our super services

Baby Proofing:
Cabinet Locks, Tip Guards, Gate Installation

Home Organization:
Closet and Pantry Systems, Garage & Basement Storage, Custom Shelving

Custom Finish Carpentry:
Built-In Shelving, Stair & Rail Repair, Crown & Base Molding, Chair Rails & Wainscoting, Interior Closet Doors

Every Superhero Has His Kryptonite: We specialize in small projects from a half day up to one week. If we can't do it, we probably know someone who can. We'll gladly refer you to another member of the Justice League. Just Ask!

Home Electronics Installation:
Flat Screen Mounting, Sound Systems, Wire Management

Drywall and Painting:
Sheetrock Installation, Water Damage Repair, Spot Painting, Room Painting

Handyman Services:
Drywall Repair, Basic Plumbing, Basic Electric, Flooring and Repairs, Tiling, Cabinetry, Framing, Kitchen Appliance Installation, Jury Rigging, Problem Solving, and more...

We DO NOT Specialize In: Exterior surfaces, water penetration, roofing, windows, exterior doors, capping, flashing, major plumbing, major electric, load bearing structures, masonry, large scale renovations, mold remediation, or heights over 8 feet.

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some super samples

THE HOME HERO possesses superhuman skills for all your Handyman Projects on any budget.
Bathroom Facelifts
simple fixture upgrades, new cabinetry,
tiling, painting and lighting
Kitchen Facelifts
tiling, paint, molding, new hardware,
lighting and appliances
Interior Facelifts
wall repair, flooring, lighting,
molding and paint.

what our customers have to say.

SUper accolades

Earl B.

May 4, 2016

Josh did a wonderful job. Can't give him enough credit for the work he did. Only wished I could have had him longer to finish up all the jobs I had on my list.

Mike H.

April 27, 2016

I just wanted to pay you the balance and also tell you how pleased my wife and I are with Josh's work. In general, we just found him a real pleasure to have in our house and his attention to detail is clear and greatly appreciated. We almost feel inclined to think of new projects to have Josh back soon!

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