Hakeem Romance was born with the name Al-Hakeem 'Aquil Thompson in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was raised an army brat who had traveled the world with his parents. Hakeem was never a shy person but when it came down to showcase any kind of talent that he believed that he was good at, but at the same time, he was always kind of iffy about it...until now! 

He began to realize that singing was something that he was an absolute natural at during his senior year in high school, and has been taking his singing/music serious ever since. He believes that with his talents and his hunger to learn and do more, he can go so far with his music career. His future is very bright as well as his extravagant personality! This young man is very easy to work with! Takes constructive criticism very well as well as he is also humble! Be on the look out for this young man. Hakeem Romance is on The Rise!

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