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We carry one of Pittsburgh's largest beer selections including 
Domestic, Import, Seasonal Selections and various Craft Beers.

We carry one of Pittsburgh's largest beer selections including Domestic, Import, Seasonal Selections and various Craft Beers.

we love beer

We also love Pittsburgh. Stop by our Plum Borough (Holiday Park) location on Golden Mile Highway and browse our huge selection of beer from every region of the world! Our location is ideal for “in-and-out” shopping in less than 1-minute…GUARANTEED!

Golden Ohm Beer is a full service beer and malt beverage distributor. Have a favorite beer, let us know and we will stock it for you. Same price, cash or credit. Same price, warm or cold. Need your beer delivered, sure we can do that! We offer a “red carpet” service here at Golden Ohm! Quality service to our customers is the best part of our day. No matter who you are (woman, man, young, old, gray hair or red hair) we will ask to put the beer in your car/truck.

“May the city of Pittsburgh become awash in the beer of the Golden Ohm.”


About us

Golden Ohm Beer was established in 2012 and is the next generation of Beer and Malt beverage distribution at 2604 Golden Mile Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15239 (Plum Borough).  To take Golden Ohm Beer further, we will introduce a web site, enhance the interior settings, upgrade the “G.O. Thru” drive through, and continue to enlarge our customer base with improved marketing and promotions.  Look for our “Beer of the Month” (at least one craft beer will be discounted to an extra low bargain price)!

We offer our customers a full service beer distributor, which entails cases of bottled and canned beer (Domestic, Import, Seasonal Selections and various Craft Beers), kegged beer, tobacco products, snacks and chips, bottled water and soda pop, and also bagged ice.

If you don’t feel like getting out of your car/truck, not a problem, utilize our “G.O. Thru” drive through!  It is always open during business hours.


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Mon - Sat  10AM - 9PM

Sunday  10AM-5PM

2604 Golden Mile Highway,
Plum, PA 15239

(724) 519-2965

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special orders

We will bring in any case or keg of beer you want…just let us know! Golden Ohm Beer will try and have the special order beer the very next day.  

If we can’t get it the next day, we will guarantee a one-week availability. If you know that your favorite seasonal beer will be showing up in the next couple weeks, stop down to the store and we will add you to the “Special Order” list.