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Important Contract Provisions – Payment Terms

In the final installment of my my important contract provisions series, I want to discuss contractual payment terms.  Most small businesses I have dealt with have had problems with their customers paying for the product or services they purchased at some point.  This is why having clear payment terms within your agreements is vital.  Here are some tips for creating a solid payment terms provision to help avoid some of these common problems with customers.

At the outset of your relationship with the customer, you need to establish clear payment policies outlining how and when payment is to be made within your agreements. This provision will clear up any misunderstandings between you and the customer. If you are not getting cash up front, all your agreements and invoices should clearly state when payment is due and what happens if the customer pays late.

For example, you should have a clear payment term, be it 15, 30 or 45 days.  Second, you want to define the days as calendar days.  Third, you want to ensure there are penalties for nonpayment within the timeframe, such as interest penalties, payment of collection cost and attorney fees, etc.  Your provision must have teeth.

Lastly, you can offer early payment discounts to incentivize your customers to pay ahead of schedule.  This works quite well in many industries.  All in all, your payment provision should be clear, concise and strong.  If you don’t have this in your agreements, call our office today.

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