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Helping Individuals With Reading Difficulties & Dyslexia

CARRD, Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals to become competent readers through research, assessment and intervention strategies.

Our Mission

The CARRD, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals who have reading difficulties/dyslexia become competent readers through research, assessment and intervention strategies.

The prevention and remediation of reading disabilities
Search for strategies that improve remedial processes
Provide educators and parents with current and appropriate knowledge regarding reading/learning disabilities
Provide interdisciplinary evaluations of readers of all ages
Provide the concerns relevant to reading disabilities
Educate the general public regarding reading/learning disabilities
Gifts for donoRs

One in Five

Every individual who makes a donation of $25 or more will receive a "One in Five" glass pendant necklace. Your donation will be used at the CARRD to help individuals with dyslexia and other reading difficulties become competent readers!

What is 1 in 5?
One in Five (1 in 5) refers to the number of individuals who have dyslexia (20%). Our glass pendant necklace was created as a fundraiser, but we also wanted to raise awareness. We hope that you will proudly wear your pendant and we hope that people will ask you what "1 in 5" means.

CARRD, Inc. was approved as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code on August 18, 2010 (Approval Letter) . As a result, any contribution that you make to the CARRD, Inc. is tax deductible.

The "Reading Person 1 in 5" pendant necklace was inspired by Kim Jolley of Vetro Jewelry. She also was a great resource for us. You can see her work at Thank you Kim!

When making a donation, please be sure to enter the address that you would like the "Reading Person 1 in 5" pendant necklace sent. At the Pay Pal site, indicate the type of necklace that you would like in the Purpose Box (Reading Person for the original pendant and the name of the state if you desire a particular State's Decoding Dyslexia pendant). If you do not care to use PayPal to make a donation, please send a check to: CARRD, Inc., 215 West Adams, Pittsburg, KS 66762-5133.
Our Books

I Have Dyslexia

Does your child have dyslexia and you are finding it difficult to help your child understand what dyslexia is? If so, "I Have Dyslexia" is the perfect children's book for you and your child.

Approximately 20% of our nation's children have dyslexia. It may be difficult to explain to a child about dyslexia. We thought that it would be a good idea to help parents and educators explain dyslexia. Parents and even teachers sometimes do not know everything that is currently known about dyslexia.The topics covered in the "I Have Dyslexia" book include:

• What dyslexia is.
• That the child is not alone.
• That there are many individuals, including adults who have dyslexia.
• Speech and language development.
• How learning to speak is different from learning to read.
• How difficult it is to learn to read, even for people who do not have dyslexia.

A description of how learning to read occurs. The importance of learning the "code" when learning to read.That everyone has different and useful skills.That everyone has slightly different brains (neurodiversity) and how brains work.That people with dyslexia can become competent readers.All of these topics are presented in a fashion that children can easily understand. Each page has very interesting and appealing illustrations.There are two versions of the "I Have Dyslexia" book, one with a boy on the front cover and one with a girl on the front cover. Half of children with dyslexia are boys and half are girls. There are two versions of the book, one for each gender.

The "I Have Dyslexia" book costs $10.00 plus $1.50 for shipping. To order the "I Have Dyslexia" book, please enter "Boy" for the "I Have Dyslexia" with the boy on the front cover and/or enter "Girl" for the "I Have Dyslexia" with the girl on the front cover in the Purpose Box on the PayPal link.If you do not care to use PayPal to purchase the "I Have Dyslexia," please send a check for $11.50 for each book that you desire indicating the type, "Boy" or "Girl," to: CARRD, Inc., 215 West Adams, Pittsburg, KS 66762-5133.We hope that you and your child or student enjoy the "I Have Dyslexia" book!!!