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Watch John chat to Sharon Hawkins, Finance Broker, about her real estate tips and advice, as part of the Caputo TV Web Series. (Part 1)

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About John Caputo

Estate agent, John Caputo, has forged a name for himself in the WA real estate market, selling prime properties for more than a decade.

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real estate activity books

Recently, John Caputo launched a Real Estate Activity Book. This is the first of a series to be released in the future.

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John caputo real estate explores all avenues of the real estate market, speaking to people in-the-know to make your selling or buying experience a whole lot simpler. Following the latest market news and speaking to professional business people involved in all aspects of real estate, from settlement agents to electricians, is a one stop shop tailored to all of your real estate needs.

" John Caputo was very courteous and friendly and pleasant to talk too. John Caputo is very efficient and highly skilled, very well presented. He is a very efficient person who sold our house at the right price and time. Well Done! "

Mr Chemun & Mrs Amabara Ho

" John was the most enthusiastic & moralistic agent that contacted me (he was the only one who didn't bag the opposition). "

G M Lurances

" John was very prompt, courteous and professional. We were very impressed with his internet service and website. "

Garan Matinic

" I can't say enough about John Caputo. Polite, professional and understanding at all times. Spot on in every department. Spot on the money. Impeccable. I will have no problem in contacting John Caputo when I am looking for a property. Excellent dealings. "

Mr Neil Gaske

" Very friendly and very helpful. Very tidy and well organised. Through my knowledge of meeting people, your staff has been well trained. I will recommend to my friends your great organisation 100%. "

Mr Richard Teng

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